Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The work of the cross

More from the Ugandan revival:

The work of the cross was more than forgiveness. The cross also provided the foundation for a holy life. Joe Church [of Uganda] who was exposed to the Keswick message of complete surrender as a student at Cambridge believed that it was this model of holiness that produced the revival. “We never remember anyone coming to us...to hold meetings on revival or to preach to us about it. Revival is not a program but a way of life. A God-given hunger for more holiness and Christ-likenss has come upon us and what is known as revival followed.

This emphasis on the cross and its power both to liberate the conscience and transform the life was the basis for “walking in the light” and its spiritual two-step of public confession and brokenness before God and others.&mdash Global Awakening, page 100

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The cross is central to Christianity; without the cross, there is no forgiveness, and—just as important—there is no deliverance. We shy away from the cross, but it is our only hope!
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