Friday, June 10, 2011

The Discipline of God

“The third remedy for sin is the judgment and discipline of God. In the book of Joshua, the Canaanites are eliminated because of their sinful idolatry, and Achan joins their fate by taking from their spoil. The Canaanites become an example of the potential judgment that will befall Israel if they fail to obey the covenant...According to Judges 10, 1 Sam 7:2-17, 12:8-11, and 1 Kings 8, these acts function as divine discipline to prompt the penitence of the people.”A Severe Mercy, pages 187-188

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Far from capricious, the discipline of God is designed to bring us to him. The New Testament talks about the Israelites as an example to us, the Hebrew Bible uses the Canaanites as an example to the Israelites. We disregard the chastising of God, and off we go into destruction—both now and in the future.
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