Monday, June 27, 2011


I noticed that I never mentioned the results of my March broccoli planting. I mentioned that it dropped to 22º the next week, but that was it. Well, take note so you don't do this :) The broccoli came through fine, but it only produced little buttons; I had read that it might happen, now I know. The largest head was all of 3 inches across; most were about an inch...

On a related note, after 2.5 years, I managed to kill my yogurt cultures. Bummer! I didn't check the temperature of the water and it was too hot. The yogurt turned out runny and tasteless. So, I had to buy a container of Dannon™ plain and start a new batch. It turned out well and I'm back to using my own starter. Hopefully I'll watch the temperature of the water better...

How about some bicycling?
Because of getting and taking grandkids, conferences, and rain, my riding has been a bit less than normal on the weekends. The last two weekends have been the first ones I really did much extensive riding—other than the daily 11 miles to work and back. I must say, the back roads in the county are getting bad. I read in the paper last week that they hadn't done any real maintenance on them for 3 years, but were planning on redoing 160 miles this summer. They certainly can use it. I just hope those 160 miles include the 70 I rode this weekend!

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