Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peace without repentance?

“In the middle of this section [Ezekiel 4-32], which shuts down all inquiry by the prophet to Yahweh, something foreshadowed in Ezekiel’s commission in 3:24–27, comes the first call to repentance in chaps. 4–32 when Ezekiel is instructed to say (14:6) 'Repent (שוב) and turn away (שוב Hiphil) from your idols, and turn (שוב Hiphil) your faces away from all your abominations.' Here, repentance is directly related to an abandonment of idolatry, both internally ('their hearts,' 14:3–5) and externally ('their faces,' 14:3–4, 6–7), that is, this repentance is related to both the affections as well as the actions of the people. Against the backdrop of the false prophecy of his time, which promised peace and discouraged repentance, Ezekiel 14 depicts Ezekiel fulfilling his commission to prophesy approaching doom and encourage repentance.”—A Severe Mercy, page 274

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Not so different from right now, is it? "Jesus just makes things better; you don't need to repent, God doesn't hate sin..."
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