Friday, June 17, 2011

Thought for the day

"When people ask me which version of the Bible they should use, I have for many years told them that I don't much mind as long as they always have at least two open on the desk. It is, of course, better for everyone to learn Greek. The finest translations are still, basically, a matter of trying to play a Beethoven symphony on a mouth-organ."—N.T. Wright in a wonderful article found here.

(seen on Facebook, but I can't remember from whom...if it was you, leave a comment and I'll credit you)

Update: it was Chip Hardy of the University of Chicago.


Peter Kirk said...

A good thought from Wright. For me the Greek trumps two translations, although I usually use one translation to help me with the Greek.

I linked to this article by Wright here and here. Both posts were reported on Facebook so you may have seen those. But I didn't quote the passage you quoted.

jps said...


I don't think it was you--I did look at your blog post, but that was after.


jps said...

It was Chip Hardy, of the U of Chicago (