Monday, June 20, 2011

Perennial Garden

We have a perennial garden that was here when we moved in. We've added a bit to it, such as daffodils, hyacinth, irises, coreopsis, and a tulip or two. I don't know what these are in the picture below, but they are beautiful and only bloom for a week or two. We make sure to enjoy them each day. To give you an idea of context, they stand about 4 feet high.

Here's the whole garden, for some perspective. The tree to the right is a small crab apple.


Jason Button said...

They appear to be red Easter Lillies. Very nice.

Jim E. said...

They appear to be a kind of tiger lily. Look for "tiger lily" on Google images, and you'll get lots of pics (a few of which are NOT tiger lilies, but so much for the accuracy of Google's results, eh?).

jps said...

Thanks to both of you. Jim, I believe you are right. I had just never seen them with such a beautiful red coloring before.