Friday, March 23, 2012

If he promised it, then what?

“Our culture is not trained to wait and let God work. We are inbred with, 'If we don't have it, find a way to get it.' So if we don't have money to buy it, charge it. If sickness strikes, why pray? Call the doctor—we have insurance. If we have been given a promise from God, go for it. Tell everyone. Proclaim it, and through a little manipulation and/or control we can get it. (Of course, we don't say the last part.) Then we claim God fulfilled His promise to us. But in reality we have just birthed another Ishmael.

“If God has promised He will do something in your life, let Him.

“A wise friend told me years ago, 'Make it hard on God. He likes it!' I've come to realize the harder it is, the more glory He gets! We are only responsible to do what He tells us specifically to do. The rest of the time we believe, pray, fight spiritual opposing forces, and thank God for His fulfillment.”— Thus Saith the Lord?, page 178

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Amen! Good preaching! If God promised something, let him deliver on it. Don't go manipulating things yourself and then pretend it was God. Moses waited 40 years for the fulfillment—after he tried it his own way first.

Elijah poured water over the sacrifice just to make it harder. God responded by taking not just the sacrifice, but the rocks, too (I Kings 17)! If God is doing it, you can't make it too hard for him.
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That's my 2 cents! said...

God tells me all the time, "Just ask." He doesn't mean for money, fame, or more stuff. He means ask for the desires of His heart, He places on mine. Only a fool would ask an eternal God for what is death dealing, empty, and soon used up. I cannot get the eternal things for myself. I have no choice but to ask, and no choice but to wait. Waiting on God is assurance that it is God and not I working. For more than 20 years now I ask, and God delivers in His time. I have what I ask, He receives thanks and praise, and I know I am cared for, loved, and at peace.

Nothing I ever strove after came with peace. What I've sought after always builds and keeps me stressed and overworked. I have never, at any time in my life, got anything for myself I didn't end up hating.

This is worth stopping to contemplate deeply!

Thank You,


jps said...


Too simple! It needs to be more complicated for us. We want to be the source—which is why everything comes crashing down on us!