Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The qualifications

“Other times, prophetic words were given to impart gifts or to set apart believers for ministry. These words came from tested and tried overseers who labored among the believers and knew their lives—not from prophets who knew very little or nothing about their lives (1 Tim. 5:22, NCV; Acts 13:1-4). The Bible is clear about this. Paul writes that before a person can be brought into an office of serving he must first be tested! Only ministers who have watched the candidates lives can do this, not strangers.” — Thus Saith the Lord?, page 59

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What? You mean they don't just ride into town like the Lone Ranger, clean everything up, and then ride off into the sunset? You mean they actually are supposed to get to know people and get dirty? Sounds too messy!—which means it probably is the correct way...
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The Holy Spirit works in and through us in relationship. Jesus redeems us to what? For what purpose does Christ save us? Restore, or more precisely, create relationship between God and newly created mankind. Then create relationship in the family of God, "A new command I give you...Love each other as I have loved you." Then preach and do the life giving gospel, to the lost; disciple all humans into obedient relationship with Christ. The Holy Spirit does good works in and through us, which God has prepared before hand, for us to walk in, as the Scriptures teach!! RELATIONSHIP! RELATIONSHIP! RELATIONSHIP!

Did I mention RELATIONSHIP!?