Thursday, March 15, 2012

The net effect

Speaking about a personal prophecy a person shared with Bevere:

“What effect did this word have on this young man? Did it strengthen him for hardship or battles? Did it draw his heart toward God? I questioned him, 'How did you feel while this was being spoken over you? Did this make you feel good?'

He said, 'Yes.”

I asked, 'Did the word make you want to embrace the prophet delivering the word?'
Again he said, 'Yes.'

Time passed and I questioned him further, 'Do you believe this was a word from God?'

'No,' he answered.

People go to this speaker's meetings hoping to receive a word from God. But really, they want insight into their future. So is this minister a prophet or a Christian fortuneteller?”— Thus Saith the Lord?, page 61

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I've often wondered about that. Have we reduced God to a "magic 8 ball?" I fear that too often we have tried...and we have reduced the role of prophet to one of a popularity contest, with so-called prophets vying with one another to outdo each other in tickling people's ears. I feel like Micaiah sometimes (see I Kings 22).
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That's my 2 cents! said...

The second after the Holy Spirit birthed in me a new spirit I threw the baby to that old satanic flesh nature of mine. Jesus did not become Lord over me. Jesus, to my old self's way of thinking, bows to my flesh, and becomes lord of giving and approving all my flesh desires! Wretched, wicked, filthy fool to throw a baby to so great a pervert!

Born again to freedom, eternal life, light, hope, peace, but all for naught... Save me Jesus!! Save me from the Satan me!!!