Tuesday, March 06, 2012

To what extent Christian?

“When Christianity ceases to insist on a transformed nature, it no longer sees worldly indulgence and worldly love as sinful. And this being true, we must admit the antithesis as well. When we begin to feel at home in this world, when we begin to judge our comfort, our happiness, our wealth, our education, and our tastes by the same standards as this world's, we cease to be Christian.”—Love and Nonresistance, page 129

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All we have to do is look around us...there is no difference; the church has compromised to the point that it looks to politics to solve soul problems. How sad...the power of the Holy Spirit is replaced with the power of the ballot box and lobbyist. Prayer meetings are dying because people don't expect answers to prayer. "Pray about it" is used as a joke instead of a true admonition.
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That's my 2 cents! said...

And people get angry with me because I refuse to vote in elections. I tell them, "It's easy enough to get me to vote, start doing serving God in humble obedience, rather than your own selfish agenda, and I'll show up at voting booth." I give them the answer and they become even more angry. People want a god which serves them. They don't realize they are the ones enslaved to a false god.