Thursday, March 22, 2012

To whom are you being directed?

When you leave the meeting of a true prophet you should feel an intense desire to seek God. His words will either point you back to Jesus or sharpen your present focus. There will be a new clarity. In contrast, when you leave the meeting of a false prophet you'll find yourself wanting to go back for another word any time you need encouragement or direction! There is a danger when we embrace another mediator outside of Christ. He rent the veil so that man could come into the presence of the Father. There in His presence is where you will find the fulfillment of every need and deepest desire.”— Thus Saith the Lord?, page 155

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This is so true! A real prophet doesn't care if you like what he says—he just cares that it is what God is saying. He desires God—and God alone. There is no "God and..." Tozer said anytime you add something after God you've entered into idolatry—and he's right.
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