Monday, January 05, 2015

Facing reality

Denial is refusing to acknowledge the reality of a situation.

Projection is acknowledging the reality of the situation but denying any responsibility.

Minimization is acknowledging the reality of the situation and even owning responsibility for it—but denying its seriousness.

Instead of being brutally honest, we tell ourselves half-truths that we can feel better about. “It’s not that bad” is the favorite saying of minimization.—AHA Student Edition electronic edition

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And if we minimize it, or deny responsibility, or deny its reality, there is no way we can ever be delivered from it. It it doesn't really exist, then we are OK, right? Right?

Really, God, how can you be so insistent that we need deliverance. I mean, come on, we're only human, right? Right? I mean, what's a little sin here and there? It can't be that bad, can it? Can it?

So goes the logic. The logic that will keep us entrapped in our blindness and sin. Bring it to the light! Let it be burned away by the light of God's power and love. Let him embrace you in his freeing and purifying holy love!
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