Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hang on to your hat!

It snowed here yesterday—about 6 inches or so. It was beautiful coming down; the place looked like a winter wonderland. But then around 4:00 PM the wind started to blow. And blow. And blow some more. By the time we went for our daily 4-mile walk, it was blowing pretty hard and the snow was being whipped around.

By the time we were almost home and turned to face the wind—it was coming from the north—it was a challenge to go up the hill. Once we got home, I checked the weather and they said the wind was 23 MPH with gusts up to 46 MPH. And it sure felt like it.

Later last night, it sounded like the roof was going to be ripped right off the house. Here's what the weather said then:

Yep, gusts up to 50 MPH! I'm glad we weren't out in it. Right now the wind has died down and it seems eerily silent. The straight temperature is -12ºF here in town and -18ºF at the airport. Our high temperature was at midnight; the rest of the day the temperature is supposed to keep dropping...but it sure is beautiful!

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