Monday, January 05, 2015

Keep the guns, dump the people

This blog posting is wonderful. Please read the whole thing, but this little excerpt is unforgettable:
My eleven-year-old cousin died in a handgun accident in her house, killed instantly, shot through the heart, while searching her father’s dresser for tennis socks. I watched adults crumble. They vomited and wailed. They screamed and sat catatonic. They shouted accusations at each other and consoled each other. They dressed in dignified black, listened to comforting eulogies, put the diminutive coffin in the ground, and then those closest to the loss retreated to an alcohol haze for the next decade or more.

None gave up their guns. Most of those crumbled adults – the parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors – would get divorced. They gave up each other, but they kept their guns.

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What more can anybody say? That paragraph reveals a lot about our society, doesn't it? Keep the guns, throw away the people...sounds really Christian, doesn't it? (that's irony, in case you missed it)
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