Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday's thought

The Bible was never given to be an end in itself. The Bible was given to be a path leading us to God; and when the Bible has led us to God, and we have experienced God in the crisis of encounter, the Bible has done its work. It is not enough that you should memorize Scripture. Some Christians memorize the Word of God but never meet the God who wrote the Word. They can quote whole chapters but have never been inspired by the same Holy Spirit that inspired the Word.—A.W. Tozer, Voice of a Prophet, pages 125–26

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Amen! Good preaching! I've run into this far too often. Too many people see the Bible as an end in itself—and consequently will fight to the death to defend it. But far too often they miss the point...Lord, deliver us!

As an aside, this is the reason Tozer is so fresh and inspiring; he met the God of the Bible, and being dead yet speaks (to paraphrase Hebrews).
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