Friday, February 20, 2015

Yes or no?

Those who want to speak of polytheisms must at least acknowledge that whatever it would mean to speak of polytheisms, it would not mean that they could—together or individually—incorporate a metanarrative that would mean their extinction. In this sense, they are unified, and we may be justified in speaking of polytheism. With respect to their intolerance of the Christian way of life, they are all united. They oppose it. What this turns out to mean is that the true/false distinction cannot be eliminated without making a true/false judgment about Christianity—that it is false.—World Upside Down, page 262 n. 73

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As you probably have gathered if you read this blog much, I am not a fan of the "culture wars." But what Rowe is talking about here is much deeper than what the people waging the culture wars are talking about. What Rowe is talking about is the philosophical foundation of the whole system. He is not talking about moralism or certain practices. He is talking about the very ideas that undergird the system. And in that respect, there is a culture war—and there always has been.
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