Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saved, but what for?

Far too many think because they have “prayed to receive Christ,” they are safe and secure. I don’t want to dispute the all-sufficiency of Christ or the importance of faith and God’s grace, but far too many today are trusting in a onetime decision but with no marks of discipleship. Yes, some emphasize works so much one has to think they are saved by what they do. We are saved by Christ, but Christ saves us into discipleship.— Sermon on the Mount, pages 264-265

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Amen! Good preaching! Being afraid of works salvation (and desiring large numbers) has caused many to embrace an antinomian gospel (look it up!).

As Scot says, we are saved by grace, but we are saved in discipleship. Or, as Bonhoeffer said, "When Christ calls someone, he bids him come and die."

No cheap grace in the real gospel...
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