Monday, August 28, 2006


That scream you heard Saturday night about 8:00 EDT was I. My laptop did a serious hardware crash. It won't even get me to a BIOS screen anymore...

I have discovered once again that there are 11 kinds of people when it comes to computers:
1. Those who have lost files they desperately need
10. Those who will
11. Those who lie :)

I am hoping that the harddrive is salvageable enough to copy my unbacked up files off of.

Moral of story: listen to that still small voice that is nudging you to make backups of your important files. I didn't :( Hopefully grace extends to recovering files.

Well, the files are recovered. But, the laptop is toast. At least it is under extended warranty, but I'm wandering around from computer to computer trying to get work done :(

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