Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Interesting book

I was looking through the latest University of Nevada Press catalog and found an interesting book:
Psychotherapy as Religion: The Civil Divine in America.

Here is an excerpt from the description:

"In Psychotherapy as Religion, William Epstein sets out to debunk claims that psychotherapy provides successful clinical treatment for a wide range of personal and social problems. He argues that the practice is not a science at all but rather the civil religion of America, reflecting the principles of radical self-invention and self-reliance deeply embedded in the psyche of the nation...

"Epstein exposes psychotherapy’s deep roots in the religious and intellectual movements of the early nineteenth century by demonstrating striking parallels between various types of therapy and such popular practices as Christian Science and spiritualism. Psychotherapy has taken root in our culture because it so effectively reflects our national faith in individual responsibility for social and personal problems..."

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This book truly looks fascinating! It reflects my basic thesis that everyone is a theist at some level and that the theos that most people (even christians) choose is themselves. A throwback to Genesis 3, "You shall be gods." Same lie, same bait, same success :(

Bohoeffer is still right, "When Jesus calls a person he bids them come and die." And we continue to listen to the serpent's lie that we can be gods!
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