Friday, August 18, 2006

Short History of Christianity

This is what I am reading right now:

A Short History of Christianity

A Short History of Christianity
by Stephen Tomkins
256 pages,English
Cloth,6 x 9
ISBN: 0802833829
List Price: $15.00
Your Price: $11.25

It is just exactly what it says it is, short. It reads very fast and is quite entertaining; the perfect book to give someone who needs to know some church history, but would never read a full blown one. I will probably send this to my son after I finish it. It would be perfect for him, a good overview that will keep him interested. Hopefully it will wet his appetite for a more complete one, but if it doesn't he will still have gotten a basic overview.

For $11.25, you can afford to give it away, but you might want to skim through it first just for the fun of it. Tompkins is quite witty and is able to make history fun.

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