Monday, August 14, 2006

A little slow

OK, I promised over a week ago that I would recap week 2 of vacation, although I'm sure it hasn't been keeping you on the edge of your seat :)

Our son, Ryan lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and is on the leadership team of God's Barn which is a youth outreach. They have an old farmhouse there that they call "The Mission house" which is where we stayed. The place is essentially a duplex, with one half open to drop-ins and the other has living quarters. Because of zoning laws, no permanent residents are allowed, but we freeloaded for about 5 days. Well, we didn't really freeload, since I did some stuff.

One of the things was to put ceiling fans in the barn. They use the old hayloft as a worship/prayer room and it gets quite warm. The week we were there the temperatures outside were running in the 90's F. You can imagine what the barn ran. A nearby church had donated 5 ceiling fans, but they hadn't been mounted, nor had the wiring been run. That was my job for the week—helping Jim mount and wire the fans. So, I'm at the top of 20 feet of scaffolding drilling through the rafters and mounting fans in 90 degree weather. Strange vacation! But, we got them mounted and they work.

Actually, we had a good time. The Barn has an excellent outreach to people who desperately need to know the love of Jesus in their lives. Jim, Becky, Fred and company do a good job of displaying that love without compromising. Debbie and I enjoyed talking and praying with them. Maybe next time they will have a cooler job for me to do :)

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