Wednesday, August 30, 2006

RSS live!

Eisenbrauns RSS feeds are now live, finally! You can subscribe to the ones that interest you, or an Überfeed. Andy (our webmaster) creatively describes the Überfeed as One feed to rule them all—but hopefully not "in the darkness bind them." :)

Coming soon, probably tomorrow, are three more feeds. These feeds will update twice daily:
1. Newly added used books. This feed will show the used titles that have been added that day. Some days there won't be any; other days you could have a whole list of them. Of course, its first come, first served on used books, since usually there is only one copy.

2. Newly added titles, available for ordering, which will primarily consist of newly announced and not yet published titles that can be ordered.

3. Just arrived. This feed is for titles that have just arrived. It will list newly published books and books that have been out of stock at the publisher or other titles that have a high profile.

Just arrived is not intended to replace BookNews "New and Noteworthy," but supplement it. I can only announce 10 books at a time in New and Noteworthy. Right now I have a backlog of over 50 titles. Obviously, some of them never make it to the BookNews listing.

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