Friday, August 11, 2006

BookNews error

I just sent a BookNews announcing some new books. About 5 minutes after I sent it, I noticed an error. Too late to recall it. Oops.

Then I challenged the Customer Service reps to find the error. Help! They found a second one. It must be Friday!

Can you find one of the errors? Here's the BookNews:

Eisenbrauns would like to congratulate two of our authors who were recently recognized for their accomplishments:

Dr. Joan Goodnick-Westenholz was recently awarded the Curator's Prize by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. Dr. Goodnick-Westenholz, chief curator at the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem received the prize for her contribution to understanding the history of the People of Israel against the background of the cultures of the ancient near east.

Prof. Sara Japhet (The Hebrew University) was elected President of the World Union of Jewish Studies by the Union Council at its meeting on May 26, 2006. Japhet is Professor of Bible at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research interests include biblical religion and literature, restoration period; literature, history
and theology; Biblical law and the history of Jewish exegesis. She was the recipient of the Israel Prize for Biblical Studies for the year 2004.

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To see cover graphics and read more information about the new titles listed below, please follow this link:

This week's retail special is at the bottom of this e-mail, 1/3 off on Westbrook's 2 volume "History of Ancient Near Eastern Law," don't miss it.
New from Eisenbrauns' distribution partners:

>From TVZ:
"Wortschatz der Hebraischen Bibel: Zweieinhalbtausend Vokabeln alphabetisch und thematisch geordnet"
by Samuel Arnet
Theologischer Verlag Zurich, Cloth. German.
ISBN: 3290173747
Your Price: $23.00

>From Academic Press Fribourg in the OBO series:
This one has already sold out of the first shipment,
but there are more on order:
"Altbabylonische Zeichenliste der sumerisch-literarischen Texte"
by Catherine Mittermayer
Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis - OBO Sonderband
Academic Press Fribourg, Paper. German.
ISBN: 3727815515
List Price: $70.00 Your Price: $56.00

"Garments of the Gods: Studies on the Textile Industry and the Pantheon of Sippar according to the Texts from the Ebabbar Archive"
by Stefan Zawadzki
Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis - OBO
Academic Press Fribourg, Cloth. English.
ISBN: 3727815558
Your Price: $69.00

>From IAA:
"Shoham (North): Late Chalcolithic Burial Caves in the Lod Valley, Israel"
Edited by Ram Gophna and E. C. van den Brink
Israel Antiquities Authority Reports - IAAR 27
Israel Antiquities Authority, Paper. English.
ISBN: 9654061848
Your Price: $30.00

"The Tel Bet Yerah Excavations: 1994-1995"
Edited by Nimrod Getzov
Israel Antiquities Authority Reports - IAAR
Israel Antiquities Authority, Paper. English.
ISBN: 9654061864
Your Price: $28.00

"Atiqot 51 (2006)"
Edited by Zvi Gal
Atiqot 51
Israel Antiquities Authority, Paper. English and Hebrew.
ISBN: 9654061880
Your Price: $36.00

>From NINO:
"The Akkadian Language in its Semitic Context: Studies in the Akkadian of the Third and Second Millennium BC"
Edited by Guy Deutscher and M.J.C. Kowenberg
Publications de l'Institut historique-archeologique neerlandais de Stamboul - PIHANS 106
Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten / Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), Paper.
English and German.
ISBN: 9062583172
Your Price: $39.00

"Die Tempelanlage Amenemhets III. in Hawara: Das Labyrinth. Bestandsaufname und Auswertung der Architektur- und Inventarfragmente"
by I. Blom-Boer
Egyptologische Uitgaven - EU 20
Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten / Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), Paper. English.
ISBN: 9062582206
Your Price: $119.00

"Anatolica 32 (2006)"
Anatolica: Annuaire International pour les Civilisations de l'Asie Anterieure 32
Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten / Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO), Paper. English.
Your Price: $85.50

>From Paternoster:
"The Significance of Salvation: A Study of Salvation Language in the Pastoral Epistles"
by George M. Wieland
Paternoster Biblical Monographs-PBM
Paternoster Press, Paper. English.
ISBN: 1842272578
List Price: $33.99 Your Price: $29.91

This week's retail special:
"A History of Ancient Near Eastern Law - 2 volume set"
Handbook of Oriental Studies, Part One: The Ancient Near East and Middle East - HOSANE / HOSNME 72
Edited by Raymond Westbrook
Brill Academic Publishers, 2003
1248 pages, English, Cloth
ISBN: 9004129952
List Price: $399.00 Sale Price: $265.73 (33%)

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