Friday, January 25, 2008

Family update

We have some good news, and some concerns on the family front. Some of you know that Debbie and I have two grown children, both living in Minnesota. First the good news:

Ryan is getting married! Yep. He is getting married to Emily, a woman who loves the Lord and whom he has known for a couple of years now. The wedding will be in the Minneapolis area on May 31, 2008.

And, Renee and Joel are expecting another child. The baby is due sometime in the middle of June (they have been given two different dates, the 12th and the 17th). They just started a blog with some good pictures and a nice summary of their Christmas. I hope you enjoy it :)

Now the concern:
The pregnancy is a high risk one, since their first child was delivered via a C-section. So, on Tuesday, Renee went in for a routine ultrasound. The results were not clear, but seemed to indicate a problem with the baby's heart. So, they scheduled an ultrasound at a better hospital in Duluth (2.5 hours away) on Thursday.

Last night Joel called with the results. His first words were, "This is not a healthy baby." Yikes! Words that no parent/grandparent ever wants to hear. Apparently, there is an enlarged aorta, which could indicate a bad or small valve in the heart. They took an amniocentesis and will have those results on Tuesday when they meet with the specialist. There is a 5% possibility that it is genetic, which could mean Downs Syndrome or death shortly after birth.

At this point it looks like they will do surgery immediately after birth, but that means Joel and Renee will have to stay in Minneapolis when the birth gets close.

More details as I find them out.

Please pray for Joel, Renee, their kids, and the baby. I believe God still does miracles, but I also know that His ways can be a good bit different than ours. I know what I want, but I need to let God tell me what He wants. I don't mean that to sound wishy-washy because it is not. I have seen God do physical healings—on myself and others. But, I have also had my prayers go unanswered.

When Renee had Rachel after having Joshua via C-section, they told her she might be able to deliver naturally. So, she tried. After several hours of labor, it looked like things weren't going well so they transfered her to Duluth. They told her that she had a 10% chance of delivering naturally. The prayer chain started, and that 10% became 100% as God intervened and allowed a natural childbirth.

When I got hit by the truck on my bicycle, the entire medical staff told me my knee would need surgery based on the X-rays. They also told me I would have arthritis at the joint the rest of my life. The prayer chain started, and I didn't need surgery and I don't have arthritis, either.

Update: I fixed the link on Joel and Renee's blog. They now have a note at the bottom entitled Prayer.


Jim said...

The 'Great Physician' will hear from all of us.

Anonymous said...

James & Debbie,

As I took it to prayer, in my spirit I saw myself and this baby before God's throne in heaven, Joel & Renee on one side, you guys on the other.

I asked Father what He was doing, and He said He intends to heal the baby and to start giving thanks that by the Lord's wounds the healing power of the cross is being released to heal the aorta and transform any genetic disorder. I heard Him say to speak it out in Jesus' name over the child and to command the body parts in His name (like Jesus did in Mark 7:34 & Luke 18:42): command the aorta to shrink and command the genes to come under His governance back to the way He created them to be. And then to give thanks and receive it as if it was ours/yours/the baby's (Mark 11:22-25).

The Lord told me to remind you guys (it was so long ago you may not remember) how our daughter Rivkah was threatened with a genetic disorder and possible spina bifida that was detected through an amniocentesis test. I think you guys prayed with us that Rivkah would be spared and healed, and SHE WAS HEALED! She was born without any defect or spina bifida!

Blessings & love, praying,

Joel and Renée said...

Thank you Gary and Catherine for your words from On High. We believe.

Anonymous said...

hello there, came through ted's blog, Jesus community. saw the words "prayer request". thank you for sharing this wondeful opportunity to pray for your grandchild.

these are more than idle musings today. :-)

Ted M. Gossard said...

James & Debbie, Joel & Renee,
Will certainly be in prayer in this, saying, "Amen" to God's word and will continue to lift this up to the Father.

Anonymous said...

Father, as I ask you the outcome, you tell me to trust you. As I raise my concern, you remind me so lovingly that you are in control, and you care for your children. Speak your truth God, and tell us what is on your heart in this situation. Grant us faith to believe your promise, and strength and confidence to walk it out. Let this situation be one that brings us closer to you, Father!

His Answer:

Trust me, for I am good beyond all understanding. Do not lean on your own understanding, but on my promises. When you entrust your concerns to me, you are free to rejoice, for in giving me those concerns, you have moved your trust from the carnal to the supernatural. You will see Me glorified in this, and a testimony of my goodness will arise.

My response:

Amen! I will pray accordingly. The mustard seed has been planted.