Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We want our cake...

I get a variety of journals related to marketing as part of my job. Sometimes they actually are interesting :)

Today one came that has an interesting article on eco-friendly travel. Here is an excerpt:

This October, the Travel Industry Association of America, an Orlando, Fla.–based partnership, issued the results of their "travelhorizons" survey. Some highlights included the fact that more than half of all American adults advocate environmental responsibility, but only 14 percent said it would influence their choice of travel suppliers. Just 13 percent said they were willing to pay higher prices to address their environmental concerns, although 56 percent said they might. Seventy-six percent said they would not pay more than 10 percent extra and the majority of that group said they would not pay more than 5 percent extra. Americans believe in supporting the environment as long as it's free or inexpensive to do—at least that seems to be the primary implication of this survey.

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Yep. All talk and no traction. That is the way we do things around here, isn't it? We want everything for nothing, even salvation. We want Jesus to die for us, but we don't want to die. We want heaven in the future, and our own way now. If the scriptures don't agree with that, we create a theology that allows us to man-handle them in such a way that they will...

If ever there was proof needed of total depravity, that has got to be one of them.
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