Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Got milk?

I was in Chicago last week until Sunday for AIA/APA. While there, I tried doing what I always do, ordering milk at a restaurant. I'm used to people giving me a weird look, but this one was a new twist...

Me: I'd like a glass of milk, please.
Waiter: A glass of what?
Me: Milk.
Waiter: What kind?
Me: Whole or 2%.
Waiter: Oh, you mean milk! I don't think we have any. Let me go check.
2-3 minutes elapse before the waiter returns.
Waiter: I'm sorry, we don't have any milk. We have [he lists the different types of soda they have], water, and coffee. Would you like one of those?
Me: No thank you, I prefer milk.

Now, what is weird is that I had been in this same restaurant 2 days earlier and they had found some milk for me... What's up with that?

This isn't the first time recently that I haven't been able to get milk. Going to AAR/SBL in San Diego, I normally get milk on the airplane. They didn't have any this time. I've been flying for well over 20 years, and that was the first time I couldn't get milk, except for short little commuter flights that just hand out bottles of water.

I don't think the American Dairy Association's "Got Milk?" campaign worked very well...

Why milk? I don't know, I just prefer it. Debbie and I go through almost a gallon a day; she drinks skim, I drink 2%, almost a 1/2 gallon each per day. Maybe it is because we both have spent about 35 of our 50+ years in either Wisconsin or Minnesota? Or, maybe we just prefer it. It definitely is better for you than soda!

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Andy said...

If you don't see highchairs first thing when you walk into a restaurant, you're not going to get milk. Or it's going to be spoiled.

For some reason, they always seem to be able to get us milk when we have the kids with us.

Pop is evil, about on the same level as credit cards.