Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Wonderful! It started on Monday evening around 8:00 as a heavy wet snow that stuck to all the branches of the trees. Then, the temperature started dropping and the snow got lighter, but kept coming, piling higher on the branches. It kept coming all night and yesterday. It is still flurrying now, but no real accumulation has happened since last night.

I wish I had taken my camera home, it is a winter wonderland. Looking out our front window into the woods across the street is like looking at a picture, with the blacks of the trees, the greens of the pines, and the white snow all blending in a beautiful harmony of sight.

Jim Eisenbraun took some pictures out his window. He had 20 cardinals at their feeder at one time. We didn't have cardinals, but the goldfinch were everywhere. Here is one of Jim's pictures, if I remember to take the camera home, I will post some from our place tomorrow.

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