Thursday, January 03, 2008

More paganism

I saw this the other day, and then lost the reference until I saw it again in print. It seems to follow nicely from the guy who reads pigs' spleens:

1 in 5 Sports fans who say they do things in an attempt to bring good luck to their favorite team or avoid jinxing them.

1 in 4 College basketball fans who say this. They are the most likely fans to say so.

Interesting, isn't it? We laugh when we hear that sports events in the 2/3 world are sometimes canceled because of people attempting magical spells over the results, and yet 20-25% of the U.S. population is doing essentially the same thing!

How many times do we have to see stuff like this before we realize that unregenerate humanity is totally depraved; it is only by the freely available grace of God that anyone can be redeemed from their deadly curvatus in se (curved in on oneself).

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Anonymous said...

We could focus on humanity being unregenerate, but I would recommend instead we just go ahead and make sports officially recognized as religions.

Baseball, of course, is the one, true mother sport. All other sports are apostate.