Monday, August 04, 2008

August sale response

Wow! All the research says never send a sale e-mail on Friday. The research says the results will be terrible and you will regret it. Guess what. The research is wrong!

I sent out the BookNews for August's sale last Friday afternoon. It didn't take long for the word to spread in the biblioblog community either; so far I counted four posts mentioning it (I still lead the referring sites—clear proof that mine is the most popular biblioblog! Take that, Nick). I can't believe the response. I just looked at the Google Analytics figures, and the only things that have generated more interest than the August sale are our Valentine's Day contest, and our traditional April first post.

So far the record for the most books is 28. Can you imagine? 28 books out of 60. I wonder why they quit at 28 :)

Thanks to all of you who have visited our sale.


Anonymous said...

Well, it is quite a news-worthy sale! I purchased three books, over the weekend, myself.

Kevin P. Edgecomb said...

It was the combination of the gigantic discount and the titles offered. It's definitely the best sale anywhere I've seen in a long time.

Even the closing of the Graduate Theological Union Bookstore here in Berkeley wasn't as much fun. Their last day had a 90% off sale, but by then most everything was gone. (They'd begun the clearance several weeks before with a 25%, then 50% then 74% off. By the time it reached 90%, the shelves were barren.)

Thanks for having this sale!

c. jay crisostomo said...

If I didn't already have many of the books, I think I could have pushed 28 . . . that's how many good titles there are (I want to know if the record holder is single or has a very understanding spouse or a phenomenal book budget . . . )

jps said...


I don't know, but we just got an order for 31 books this morning. It was probably placed last night.


Andy said...

There's always the possibility that they have neither a phenomenal book budget, nor an understanding spouse, but that they now have 28 books to read while sleeping in the doghouse...

Anonymous said...

I know I wouldn't mind if my spouse bought 28 books.

jps said...


That is probably because you would be the one buying the books :)