Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A present God?

Alan Knox asks a good question, which has been a concern of mine for many years.

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Do we live as if God is close, or far away from us? We say we believe in a present God, but our actions frequently betray us... Sure, we believe God can heal—somebody else, somewhere else. Sure, we believe that God answers prayer—just someone else's somewhere else, probably in the two-thirds world.
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Anonymous said...

This comes close to my idle musings concerning Agnosticism.

Sure, it's noble to acknowledge that a human being's knowledge of god's existence and nature is provisional but... one has to live life as if there is a god or as if there isn't one. If you claim that there might be a god but live as if there is none, then the former is an intellectual conceit, no more. You are an atheist for all practical purposes.