Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The cat's a mouser

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Sunday night, as I was cutting the tops off the onions, the kitty was sitting on the driveway. We have a bug zapper on the front of the garage, and she seemed to be watching the bugs fry. All of a sudden, she gets up and runs toward the garage. I figured she was going to play with the June bugs; she does that a lot. But, then she came running toward the porch and I saw a fuzzy thing in her mouth. It was a mouse! The tail was hanging out of her mouth as she ran past me under her favorite bush.

A short time later, she reappeared and sat back down on the driveway as if nothing had happened. About a half hour later, she got up, ran to the garage, and came running back toward the porch. Another mouse! This time, all I could see was the tail hanging out of her mouth. She disappeared under her favorite bush again, only to re-emerge about 5 minutes later. Nice meal, I guess!

I knew we had mice, they had gotten into some stuff in the garage over the winter. I don't think we will have a problem like that this winter :)
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