Tuesday, August 05, 2008


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We planted a garden this year for the first time in a while. It's nice having fresh produce just outside the door. One of the things we planted was red onions—about 2 pounds of onion sets. We like onions :)

I harvested about a third of them in July, but Sunday night I pulled most of the rest of them. About 20 pounds worth! That's a lot of onions. We cut them up and freeze them for use on pizza or in stuff. So, Sunday night I sat on the porch and cut the tops off and peeled the outer layer off of them.

While I was doing that, Debbie made onions and potatoes. Most people have potatoes and onions, but we have onions with some potatoes added. Did I mention that we like onions?

It took a while to cut the tops off and peel the onions, so it got too late to cut them up. Instead we put them in a crisper drawer in our refrigerator. It filled up the entire drawer—even after using about 10 of them for onions and potatoes.

Monday night, after dark, I started cutting them up. While the thunderstorm rattled the windows, I cut up onions. While the power flashed on and off, I cut up onions. Did I mention that there are a lot of onions? I managed to get about ½ to 2/3 of them cut up before I quit for the night. I bagged them in snack sized bags, put those bags inside a freezer bag, about 12-15 to a bag. Then I put that freezer bag inside another freezer bag. We don't want our beans, blueberries, and strawberries to taste like onions.

I think I will be able to finish them tonight. Did I mention that there are a lot of onions?
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Peter Kirk said...

Are you sending out any review copies? If I receive a sample of your onions, in good condition, I promise to try them and review them. Sadly, they probably won't survive a transatlantic trip.