Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They will know you are my disciples...

by your correct doctrine and heresy hunting abilities. You will put the Pharisees to shame with your self-righteousness. NOT!!

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But, that is how many Christians act, most recently in the Todd Bentley situation. I am not going to defend his actions; he stands before God and his board is holding him accountable. What I am talking about is the lack of love in many people's actions. Back in June I posted a link to a friend of mine's theological defense. What I didn't post subsequently is the backlash against Gary by the heresy hunters—supposed Christians... Somehow they discovered his private e-mail address, his personal cell phone number, his home number, in addition to his work e-mail and phone number. They called all the numbers repeatedly, at times reducing his wife to tears. The Pharisees would be proud of them! But, they were doing it for God, therefore they could do whatever they wanted, right? Wrong!

Listen up, folks! Orthodoxy (correct doctrine) is important, but orthopraxy (correct practice) is far more important. Yesterday I took to task the people who wear their spiritual gifts as badges, today I am talking about those who wear their correct doctrine as a badge. Both are in danger of judgment. Both need Jesus—we all need Jesus! There is no way anybody can live the Christian life. It has to be God, via the Holy Spirit, living through them; all grace, all the time!

By the way, the correct quote is "by our love for one another." I am a firm believer in speaking the truth in love; you can't serve God via a lie. But, you have to get both halves right: the truth—and love. Either one without the other is a problem.
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