Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Attaining to mediocrity

“Far too many people—and especially people with high knowledge in one area—are contemptuous of knowledge in other areas or believe that being 'bright' is a substitute for knowing. And the the feedback analysis soon shows that a main reason for poor performance is the result of simply not knowing enough, or the result of being contemptuous of knowledge outside one's own specialty...

“Feeding back from results to expectations soon shows where a person should not try to do anything at all. It shows the areas in which a person lacks the minimum endowment needed—and there are always many such areas for any person. Not enough people have even one first-rate skill or knowledge area, but all of us have an infinite number of areas in which we have no talent, no skill, and little chance to become even mediocre.”&mdash The Essential Drucker, page 219

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Man! He's too honest, isn't he? Wouldn't we all love to believe that if we just tried hard enough, we'd be able to do whatever we wanted? After all, we're the center of the universe, right :) Praise God for the gifts he's given you and use them well; don't go chasing the ones he hasn't given you!
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