Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Where's the snow?

Well, I haven't received any official reports on how much/little snow we received, but it fell well short of the 18 inches they were predicting. The wind was very strong last night, though. And, we had freezing rain/ice pellets for a while. The power didn't go out, but it did flicker a bit.

So, this morning I was faced with a dilemma. Should I try and ride my bike in, hoping that the bike path was plowed? Or, should I take the safe way and ski in? I opted to ski in. Here' a picture of my parking area at work:

I haven't had a chance to check on the hoop house yet, but it looks like it held together. That's good news, as I got a new set of metal reinforcers for the plastic clamps I have been using. Nothing else I had tried worked. This morning it looked like it might have come apart a bit at the top by the door. I didn't reinforce that because I thought it was too small an area to come apart—of course :( We'll see.


Chip Hardy said...

It's in Chicago, James! UofC cancelled all campus activities for a second day because of the snow.

Stay warm!

jps said...

I saw a picture on Facebook—was that you without a shirt throwing snowballs? :)