Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More on food

Debbie is at Joel and Renee's right now (go there for great pictures of grandson and grandma!), so I am making some (vegetarian) baked beans. Background: the smell of baked beans simmering overnight keeps her awake, so when she goes on trips like this, I make lots and freeze them—we both like to eat them :)

Anyway, I went to the local grocery store the other day to get some molasses for the baked beans. Normally, the molasses have been on the top shelf amongst the honey and by the syrup. Last time, there were three options: Grandma's™, Brer Rabbit™ dark, and Brer Rabbit™ light. But, not anymore. Now, there is only one choice, Brer Rabbit™ dark and it is on the bottom shelf. The top shelf is mainly honey, with some real maple syrup. The rest of the section, 3.5 shelves worth, is pancake syrup—you know, the high fructose, fake maple flavoring, sickeningly sweet stuff that is supposed to substitute for real maple syrup. The bottom shelf, where the lone bottle of molasses sat, is surrounded by light and dark corn syrup. :(

Doesn't anybody cook anymore? I wouldn't be surprised to see that the next time I go to buy molasses there isn't any. But, I'm sure I could buy some fake molasses made of high fructose corn syrup :(

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Anonymous said...

maybe it's just that one store. Ours has a good variety of molasses and we live in a rural community! :) Hope the baked beans turned out great!
Love, Renee