Wednesday, February 02, 2011


“We have known for fifty years that money alone does not motivate to perform. Dissatisfaction with money grossly demotivates. Satisfaction with money is, however, mainly a 'hygiene factor,' as Frederick Herzberg called it all of forty years ago in his 1959 book Motivation to Work. What motivates—and especially what motivates knowledge workers—is what motivates volunteers. Volunteers, we know, have to get more satisfaction from their work than paid employees, precisely because they do not get a paycheck. They need, above all, a challenge. They need to know the organization's mission and to believe in it. They need continual training. They need to see results.”— The Essential Drucker, page 80

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People are looking for something to believe in, to give their life to. What has a better mission statement and something to believe in than the church? And what better training than the indwelling Holy Spirit? And what better results can they see than the transformation of their life as the Holy Spirit lives through them?

Hold on! I'm not saying you work at it! I'm saying that the Holy Spirit does it through you. Not works sanctification—any more than it is works justification! It is the Holy Spirit living and loving through you as you yield to Him.
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