Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought for today

Why do we (including myself) always suspect baser motives on the part of those we disagree with? Are "they" really as evil as we believe? And, are we as clean as we think? Just an
<idle musing>


John Cook said...

Can't help but think you had the Wisconsin thought in mind, and though you are undoubtedly correct, consider this: the progressive view is defined by the notion that the state can "improve" humanity; the conservative view is defined by the sober judgment that humanity IS evil and that the role of government is to balance curbing of evil among its citizen with promoting their freedom to pursue their various God-given callings (think Paul and the sword in Rome's hand).

I'm afraid I can't help but think there is a substantial philosophical and theological difference that I just can't get past.

jps said...

Actually, it wasn't. It was my reaction to another person's Facebook status.

I can't really say that I am a progressive, if that is how you define progressives. My view is that humanity is evil, fallen—but there is a lot of prevenient/common grace running around. The problem is that I/most(?) tend to see the prevenient/common grace as only being on "my" side of an issue.

I see government's role as protecting from evil—just as you do. Perhaps we see evil a bit differently? Perhaps I fear the role of big business more than you do? What do you think?


John Cook said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you; not sure whether it is our view of evil that differs or whether it is simply that you fear big business more than government and I the reverse. What sways me that way is that whereas big business creates wealth that at least in part spills into the economy, even if they are corrupt (e.g., employees), government merely takes money from the economy and gives back very little—hence the reason why the growing government workforce is threatening to bankrupt local, state, and federal budgets.