Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And what color state are you from?

“...no current political framework can fully convey the comprehensive Biblical vision of justice, and Christians should never identify too closely with a particular political party or philosophy.

“Many churches have uncritically adopted a liberal political agenda, one that has a very expansive view of government. Others adopt a politically conservative approach to justice, one that insists that poverty, at least in America, is not the result of unjust laws, social structures, and racism, but only a matter of family breakdown. As we have seen, the Biblical material is too nuanced and balance to fit neatly into either of these schemas. And if we tie the Bible too tightly to any particular economic system or set of public policies, it bestows divine authority on that system.”— Generous Justice, pages 163-164

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If only we listened to such sage advice. I know I am guilty of reading in a certain direction—bet you can't guess which one :)

We have a high and holy calling that far transcends the current political climate. What's that old Anabaptist line? "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity" is how it goes, I think. (I've heard it attributed to Wesley, but don't remember seeing it in anything of his that I've read.) Now, if only we could agree on what the essential are!
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