Friday, March 25, 2011

What's up with Wisconsin?

I commented on Wisconsin a while ago. I wasn't going to say anything more—even though I could :) But, today, I saw this, which got me steamed again. You should definitely take the time to read the whole post (it's long), but here's a short snippet:

My most important observation is that I find it simply outrageous that the Wisconsin Republican Party would seek to employ the state’s Open Records Law for the nakedly political purpose of trying to embarrass, harass, or silence a university professor (and a citizen) who has asked legitimate questions and identified potentially legitimate criticisms concerning the influence of a national organization on state legislative activity. I’m offended by this not just because it’s yet another abuse of law and procedure that has seemingly become standard operating procedure for the state’s Republican Party under Governor Walker, but because it’s such an obvious assault on academic freedom at a great research university that helped invent the concept of academic freedom way back in 1894.

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He isn't even a Democrat and he isn't against the Republicans. He just published a study guide on his blog and did an op-ed on the NY Times site. If that is how you treat people who are conducting research, what do you think is happening to "serious" opposition? I've mentioned it before

Oh, on a side note, did you see this one?

As an aside, I've been involved in GOP politics here in Indiana for 18 years, and I think that the situation in WI presents a good opportunity for what's called a "false flag" operation. If you could employ an associate who pretends to be sympathetic to the unions' cause to physically attack you (or even use a firearm against you), you could discredit the public unions. Currently the media is painting the union protest as a democratic uprising and failing to mention the role of the DNC and umbrella union organizations in the protest. Employing a false flag operation would assist in undercutting any support that the media may be creating in favor of the unions.

Sounds like a page right out of Hitler's playbook, doesn't it? I'm not suggesting they are Nazi's, so don't misread that! What I am saying is that the techniques are similar. It does raise the question as to whether or not the goals are similar, though, doesn't it?...just an
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