Friday, March 04, 2011


I just finished reading Keller's book Generous Justice the other day. Therefore, in the finest tradition of this blog, you will be subjected to excerpts from the book for a while :) I hope you enjoy the excerpts as much as I enjoyed the book. Thanks to Jerry Gortmaker for the copy!

“In the Scripture, gifts to the poor are called 'acts of righteousness,' as in Matthew 6:1-2. Not giving generously, then, is not stinginess, but unrighteousness, a violation of God's law. Also, we looked at Job's description of all the things he was doing in order to live a just and righteous life in Job 31. He calls every failure to help the poor a sin, offensive to God's splendor (verse 23) and deserving judgment and punishment (verse 28). Remarkably, Job is asserting that it would be a sin against God to think of his goods as belonging to himself alone.”— Generous Justice, pages 15-16

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Refreshing perspective, isn't it? Or is it????
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