Friday, April 15, 2011

The fear of YHWH

“Israel's experience of the manifest presence of Yahweh in this covenant ceremony in Exodus 19-20 is designed to keep them from sinning by producing the fear of Yahweh within them.—A Severe Mercy, page 46 (italics original)

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Didn't work, did it? Still won't work; you can't scare the hell out of people. They have to want God.
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That's my 2 cents! said...

People think its easier to scare the hell out of people. Fear is part of the fence some "pastors" like to build around the flock. One author called these people "sheep farmers", and noted that Jesus is the good shepherd.

I've discovered that I am best motivated by love. I have to suspect that others are like me in this way. Too many don't get it, what does that say about people who don't understand that love is the way to win people. I mean, gee, its been in Romans 2 for about 2000 years. No one reads the Bible much, now do they?


jps said...

Lonnie, sure they read the Bible—at least their favorite little subsection on it! And, we all know that God likes what and whom I like, right? Of course he does! :(