Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The second observation on Leviticus

We're still camping on page 76 of Boda's A Severe Mercy. Today is the second observation from the first section of Leviticus:

Second, knowledge, recognition, and confession of guilt are important to remedying sin. Recognition may come from the violator, but at times the community was to play a role in bringing violations to the attention of its members. The constant reference to 'recognition of guilt' suggests that the sacrificial system was designed to foster the formation of conscience within the community, but the constant references to 'knowing' suggest that it was designed also to foster accountability. Demanding verbal confession I cases of certain deliberate sins brought these two aspects together, forcing the worshiper to recognize guilt and expose sin before covenant God and community.—A Severe Mercy, page 76 (emphasis his)

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Isn't that a nice picture of what the church should be like with the various members of the body encouraging and holding each other accountable in love?
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