Thursday, April 14, 2011


“The various laws define sin for Israel, with the core Decalogue in Exodus 20 revealing that sin is first and foremost linked to Israel's relationship with God, especially related to exclusive worship of Yahweh. But sin is also violations against Yahweh's will for human-human relationships as seen in the second part of the Decalogue. The Sabbath law at the center of the Decalogue reminds the reader that sin is not just against God and fellow humans but also against one's animals (creation). This broad definition of sin is confirmed in the larger Book of the Covenant that follows in Exodus 20-23. It must be remembered that, while the various laws define sin for Israel, the penalties attached to the laws in the Book of the Covenant are designed to remedy sin, no only by discouraging commitment of sinful acts through the threat of penalty, but also by enacting justice through the application of punishment for deliberate sin.”—A Severe Mercy, page 46

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Yes; sin isn't just against God and God also cares about cheap grace allowed!
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