Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Beyond forgiveness

“The psalmists in Psalms 19 and 119 highlight the key role that the Law plays in this teaching, revealing sin and guiding the righteous in godly patterns; however, they move beyond this, crying out to God to do a work within them, imploring him to keep them back from willful sins and not to let sin rule over them (Psalm 19) and to teach, give understanding, cause to walk, incline the heart to the law, turn away eyes from vanity, and revive them in God’s ways (Psalm 119). These psalmists are aware of something beyond forgiveness, a righteousness that arises from the heart and that is enabled by Yahweh, who both teaches and transforms the heart.”—A Severe Mercy, page 414

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A wonderful awareness! May we all walk not only in the awareness that it exists, but in the reality of it in our own lives. Then, and only then, revival will happen.
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