Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pile the words higher

“It is clear that the source of hope for the 'man' in [Lamentations 2] vv. 1–20 comes from his reflection on the gracious character of Yahweh in vv. 21–33.12 Throughout this section of the poem, the composer nearly exhausts the lexical stock for grace in the Old Testament: covenant loyalty (חסד; 3:22, 32 [hesed]), compassions (רחמים; 3:22, 32 [rahamim]), faithfulness (אמונה; 3:23 ['amunah]), goodness (טוב; 3:25, 26, 27 [tov]), and salvation (תשועה; 3:26 [tshu`ah]).”—A Severe Mercy, page 455

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Sometimes I feel like that; pile the words on in hopes that it works...but is that what he is doing? Or, is he reminding himself instead of God? Just an
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