Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hide that sin

“Psalm 32 thus accentuates the importance of confession for finding forgiveness with Yahweh. For the psalmist, failure to confess is more of a concern than even the sin that needs to be confessed. In this, one can discern a heightening of transparency with Yahweh that is necessary to realize the ultimate vision of the wisdom teacher in Psalm 32, that is, the willing and trusting submission of the disciple to the mentorship of Yahweh.

“The second half of the Psalm reminds the audience that the ultimate goal of Yahweh’s mercy is not forgiveness but rather a transformation of one’s inner disposition ('spirit,' v. 2; 'understanding,' v. 9) and a fundamental change in behavior ('way,' v. 8). God’s merciful forgiveness is an invitation to submit to his loving mentorship, to avoid the 'sorrows of the wicked,' and to enjoy the protection and status of the 'righteous' and 'upright in heart.' Psalm 32 reveals that there is indeed a path from the status of wicked to the status of righteous and that this path is through the forgiveness that comes in response to confession of sin and the mentorship that comes through seeking, trusting, and following God.”—A Severe Mercy, pages 422-423

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That first phrase, "failure to confess is more of a concern than even the sin that needs to be confessed" is powerful. Many revivals have started simply through confession of sin. But, we hesitate to confess; we try to hide our sin—as if we can hide from the all-seeing eyes of God! But, ever since the garden, that has been our gut response. God's way is different, though, and more freeing, too.
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