Thursday, August 18, 2011

Humility and repentance

“Humility (כנע [kn`]) points to the inner disposition that is the essential starting point for all repentance. The call to prayer (פלל Hithpael [pll]) shifts the focus to an external expression, in this case the verbal dimension of repentance, depicted most vividly in the threefold confession already provided in 2 Chr 6:37. Like humility, seeking God’s face highlights a key inner disposition, as the people are invited to a passionate pursuit of God. To seek after the “face of God” is a radical statement in light of God’s prohibition of this in Exod 33:23. Finally, turning from their wicked ways shifts the focus again to an external expression, in this case the active dimension of repentance, that is, the practical change of behavior. Throughout Chronicles, exemplary characters are not those who attain perfection but rather who exemplify these characteristics.”—A Severe Mercy pages 495-496

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We could use more "practical change of behavior" in Christianity—cheap grace is far too common. And, lest you misunderstand, it is all by the power of the Holy Spirit living within us—works is not the cure for cheap grace!
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