Tuesday, August 30, 2011


“Because of the stubbornness of humans, divine discipline or threat of discipline does not always lead to a normative human response. In some cases, when this happens God responds with further discipline (Ezekiel 20), sometimes with a mixture of discipline and grace (Psalm 78, 106; Ezekiel 20), and at other times with grace alone (Nehemiah 9, Ezekiel 20, Hosea 11). In some cases, what appears to be a proper human response does not always elicit a divine response of grace from God. This may be due to the fact that God’s patience has run out for the people who have been given enough chances (Jer 14:1–15:4), that divine discipline is not yet complete (Lamentations 3?), or that the people lack true penitential response (Jer 4:1–4).”—A Severe Mercy, pages 521

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In other words, don't put God in a box! And, don't think you can trick God into doing what you want him to do...
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