Wednesday, February 04, 2015

LInks to all the posts on cursing

OK, I've spread this stuff out over too many posts for it be be easy to follow, so here's a table of contents. Read it in the order that they appear if you want to follow the flow of thought. And make sure to read the comments, too. They are good.

How effective was cursing?
Divine Cursing
But it won't stick otherwise
That undeserved curse agains
More thoughts on cursing and the WOF movement
Proverbs 26:2 and the Hebrew text this is not essential to the argument and is more of a textual note than anything. Quite a bit of technical Hebrew and Greek jargon...
Final thoughts on cursing and WOF These are my final thoughts on the matter—at least for now...

Throughout this series, I've been writing about my reexamination of my theology that this book has precipitated. Well, I'm always in the process of reevaluating my theology, but this book gave a stronger kick than most. Granted, the book is highly technical; if you don't have at least a smattering of Akkadian and Hebrew (Hittite wouldn't hurt, either), most of it will go over your head. I've tried to make it accessible; I hope I've succeeded. That being said, I strongly encourage you to read the book—yes, all 500+ pages of it! Especially if you are from a Word of Faith type background. You will see the pagan underpinnings of much that you believe...

I've also battled with how much autobiographical stuff to share. I've got firsthand exposure to this. And I have good friends involved in it...I love them dearly. And I pray for them—the same prayer I pray for all: That God would reveal the fulness of himself to them and that they would walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. What better prayer can someone pray? We all need that. And so I close.

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